Welcome to my studio!

Lovely to see you.

Take a seat, have a look around. Would you like some tea?

I'm Jacqueline Wagner

I'm a local artist based in Muswell Hill, North London, UK. I have my studio in our home (works best with the kids). Mornings are dedicated to painting. In the afternoons, I teach drawing and art.

I create small oil paintings

I paint realistic still lifes, aiming to capture the beauty of everyday objects and moments often overlooked. Instead of inventing new worlds, I draw inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us, using bright colors and bold brushstrokes to reveal the charm of the ordinary."

  • Give you a spark of joy every time you see your painting

    I'm absolutely sure we're here for a reason. I wasn't born with the gift to draw, but had the luxury of learning it over the past 20 years. I now love to use those skills by teaching others and creating small scenes of happy that bring joy to others.

  • Add a dash of delight to peoples life's even when I'm gone

    For a long time I was so scared people would laugh at my work, I couldn't share it. This only changed with the paintings. I treasure the thought that a painting I created might even be passed on and bring cheer to the next generation.

  • Show my girls you can make a living doing what you love

    I've done lots of creative jobs. Gained a BA (Hon's) Illustration, had the girls and created:

    • editorials for magazines
    • paper sculptures and
    • children's illustrations

    This taught me tons of skills and I feel it all comes together in the paintings.